Attack of The Killer Tacos or Urban Taco Expands

While the alien taco invasion, as Dallas Morning News' restaurant critic Leslie Brenner has called it, bombards Dallas, one taco joint has walked among us for several years. Originating from a land, far, far away (Mexico City) owners Markus Pineyro and John E. Tuma, have successfully integrated Urban Taco into Big D society and yet their conquering continues. On August 17, a new Urban Taco Uptown outpost is set to open with a super-secret invitation-only gathering for the dedicated acolytes.

Don't think for one minute the expansion has anything to do with threats from the replication of new strains of aliens: Rusty's Taco's, Torchy's Tacos, Fuzzy's Taco Shop. Oh no, Urban Taco has been planning this offensive for sometime now. "Although [these other aliens] have increased awareness of tacos, they had no influence on our decision," Pineyro says. "I think it is great for everyone, as it increases the buzz around tacos. People have become more knowledgeable about tacos and more open-minded."

Urban Taco's first spacecraft landed in Mockingbird Station in 2007, bringing homemade foods from south of the border. "Urban Taco introduced Dallas to the traditional foods and distinctive flavors of Mexican taquerias," Pineyro adds.

The new Uptown location will allow the restaurant to sink its extraterrestrial tentacles into this planet in new and interesting ways. Says Pineyro: "What this means is that our menu has expanded, other than a sole focus on tacos. We now also offer a variety of appetizers and entrees." And then there's the brainwashing elixirs, prime among them draft-chilled tequila infused with seasonal ingredients, such as blood orange jalapeno. Not to mention, frozen margarita frappes in tasty flavors, including passion fruit, pomegranate, tamarind, mango and guanabana.

For those chosen few, a chef's table will be available. Six diners will get first-hand knowledge of their alien inner-workings.

We welcome you, our new overlords! Ply us with your intergalactic powers and we will eat before thee faithfully, for we know you come in peace, the peace that comes with populating the land with more taquerias. Um....Have we strained this hokey sci-fi metaphor yet? Don't answer. Just thinking out loud.

Urban Taco 3411 McKinney Ave. 214-922-7080

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.