Burrito Smackdown: Chipotle vs. Freebirds

This is the hardest smackdown I've undertaken so far. Freebirds' Texas-based burrito bomb versus the longstanding American favorite Chipotle.

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In the end Chipotle just tasted better, but I wonder if I little of that has to do with the volume they handle, requiring chicken that's nearly grilled to order and other ingredients that cycle every few minutes as they process high demand during lunch and dinner rushes.

One problem I've noticed with Chipotle though are the burrito rolling skills of their line workers. The shape has gradually evolved from the traditional burrito tube shape to something that looks more like a aluminum foil wrapped pillow. The workers at Freebirds, on the other hand tightly roll their burritos so carefully they look like a beer can and can easily stand on end. I think their burritos could actually be used as a weapon.

In the end I'm more likely to eat a burrito then pummel someone with one, and the fresh taste of Chipotle is ultimately more appealing. Big money fast food or not, Chipotle makes a tasty burrito.

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Scott Reitz
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