Cibus: Try the Half-off Pizza and Drink Specials, if You Can Find a Cool Seat

Happy Eating brings you tips on the best deals on local restaurants' happy hour menus.

Just like its North Park neighbor Kona Grill, Cibus has made some changes to its happy hour selections.

Where: Cibus, 8687 N. Central Expressway, No. 1608 (in NorthPark Center mall). When: 4-7p.m. Monday-Friday and reverse happy hour from 9 p.m.-close. The Scene: The happy hour menu is available on the patio or at the bar. The bar has very limited seating (about a half-dozen stools) so it fills up quickly. If you can stand the hot summer weather, you can sit outside on one of the couches and people-watch in the courtyard. The Deal: Half off pizzas and calamari. The fritto misto is no longer available, but there are two types of calamari appetizers from which to choose. There's also a new pizza on the menu -- the Pizza California -- that's topped with grilled chicken, marinated tomatoes, avocado, cilantro, mozzarella and feta. The Con: The limited bar seating. For anyone who's familiar with the restaurant, there's a large space in the front of the house that has forever confounded the owners and management as to what its best use would be. We think it would be better utilized as a cocktail lounge. Lushworthy: "Happy hour with Jason" is a short drink menu consisting of inventive kick-you-in-your-ass strong cocktails made up by its namesake bartender. Try the Grand Smash, a strawberry, lemon, mint and Grand Marnier concoction, then walk the mall or take a nap at AMC to sleep off the alcohol before driving home.

Bottom Line: The bartenders are affable as always, and the more relaxed atmosphere is a break from the shopping chaos at the mall.

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Kristy Yang
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