The Best Patios in Dallas

Dibs on Victory
Dibs on Victory Beth Rankin

This spring — maybe when it's a little safer to sit closer than 6 feet apart from one another — step outside and feel the crisp, Texas air as you eat, drink and merry-make. Sure, Texas weather can be unpredictable, but we all know that feeling when “perfect patio weather” arrives.

Here are 10 great outdoor patios where you can make the most out of those warmer days.

Barley House

5612 SMU Blvd. (Northeast Dallas)

If you can get past the beer-chugging frat bros, you’ll find that Barley House has a dandy patio. It’s a nice, rectangular shape, which allows for a good view of the neighborhood from all angles. Sports play on multiple screens, and there multiple fire pits throughout, which can be easily activated by a team member during colder days. Plus, you can even bring your dog.

Bitter End

2826 Elm St. (Deep Ellum)

If you love good music, oysters, art and a spacious patio, then you’d be remiss if you didn’t check out Bitter End. On Bitter End’s patio, guests will find cushioned seating and portraits of musical legends such as David Bowie. Plus, the patio is spacious, surrounding the entire entryway and eliminating the feeling of crowding.

Cedar Springs Tap House

4123 Cedar Springs Road, Suite 100 (Oak Lawn)

It’s always a festive time at the Tap, and their patio makes every guest feel like part of the action. If you want to sit outside during drag performances, you can easily look through the window and catch the performances taking place inside. The audio will also play on the speakers, so you won’t miss a beat. Even on nights when there aren’t performances, the tables on the patio are all circular — perfectly designed for gathering around with friends.

Dibs on Victory - BETH RANKIN
Dibs on Victory
Beth Rankin

Dibs on Victory

2401 Victory Park Lane, Suite 190 (Victory Park)

Drinks at Dibs will run you a pretty dollar; however, their second-level patio offers a beautiful view of the American Airlines Center and Victory Park. It’s a colorful, lounge-y spot and makes for a fun after-party destination following a concert or a Mavericks game; you know, assuming the NBA suspension ends.

Ferris Wheelers Backyard and BBQ - BRIAN MOORE
Ferris Wheelers Backyard and BBQ
Brian Moore

Ferris Wheelers Backyard and BBQ

1950 Market Center Blvd. (Design District)

Sure, Ferris Wheelers has some good barbecue, but unless you’re dining in the backyard patio, you’re missing out on the experience. This patio boasts a stage for musical performances and a 50-foot Ferris wheel. Plus, there's an outdoor bar, that way you won’t have to go in and out to refill.


2900 Greenville Ave. (Lower Greenville)

Whether your vibe is coffee or cocktails, Halcyon has it all. Their patio is bedecked with modern furniture, making each guest feel like they’re at the hippest spot in town. The seats are perched at an obtuse angle, so you can sit up or lay back as you chat with your friends.

click to enlarge Parigi - MYLES WREN
Myles Wren


3311 Oak Lawn Ave. (Uptown)

All decked out with flowers and foliage, Parigi’s patio is luxurious and romantic. Sipping a glass of wine on the upper stoop will transport you right to Paris or Italy. This fusion of cultures is something only a restaurateur as creative as Janice Provost can pull off.


Locations in Plano, Las Colinas and Allen

The fun doesn’t stop inside at Pinstack. Whether you’re bowling or eating indoors, or munching and drinking outdoors, there are still plenty of ways to keep you and your friends entertained. On the outdoor patio, you’ll find fun games such as cornhole and life-sized chess.


2803 Main St., Suite 110 (Deep Ellum)

Inside Stirr, you’ll find good food and extravagant cocktails, but everyone knows that the real party is on the second-level patio. The patio has plenty of cushioned seating, where you and your friends can sit back and drink cocktails. It’s also big enough so you can dance on nights when they schedule DJ sets. Offering a beautiful view of Deep Ellum, Stirr’s patio makes for a great Instagram photo-op.


2817 Maple Ave. (Uptown)

You’re going to have to get dressed up a bit when you visit Uchi or Uchiba, but these modern Japanese concepts make for an experience in which every Dallasite must partake. Sure, the cocktails and the food may run you a pretty dollar, but the views of the city you get from the upper patio are worth every penny.
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