Dallas' Most Interesting Restaurants No. 18: Ten Ramen

Leading up to our annual Best of Dallas® issue, we're counting down the 50 most interesting restaurants in Dallas. These spots bring something unique or compelling to the city's dining scene, feeding both your appetite and soul.

Many places offer ramen in Dallas, and likely many more are coming. The Japanese noodle soup has become one of our most fetishized ethnic dishes, joining the ranks of tacos to compete for affection in the category of cheap but soulful eats.

The ramen bar, as far as Dallas is concerned, has been set by Ten Ramen, a diminutive noodle house built into the sterile construction of Sylvan 30 in West Dallas. It was stood up by Teiichi Sakurai of Tei-An after being knocked down the first time by a raging fire, and it's staffed by some of his loyal minions.

The results are a unique experience. Ten Ramen only offers a stand-up counter, where customers are fed steaming bowls of noodles on the quick. There is no takeout, seating or extended menu. This shoebox of a restaurant is a ramen-only experience.

And that's what makes the place a unique one. While Ten boasts a sleek dining room and an open kitchen that lets you take in the action, it is a very simple restaurant that peddles in very fine ingredients. By specializing, Ten Ramen assures a near perfect ramen bowl. Belly up to the bar, ready your chopsticks and dig in.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.