Dr Pepper And Peanuts? Together? In a Glass? Get outta Here!

Whoa, whoa, Nellllllly. BuzzFeed Food, the website dedicated to blowing your mind with viral insanity of all sorts (like this bacon fiasco), posted an article recently that has me a bit flustered. It reads: "In Texas (and other parts of the South), people put them IN THE SAME GLASS."

"Them," my friends, is Dr Pepper and peanuts. Yes, BuzzFeed just explained to me that Texans drink Dr Pepper with peanuts floating in the glass like ice. And we're supposed to sip, eat. Sip, eat. Then, when we finish the DP, the bottom of the glass is full of peanuts for more intense snacking.

I'm a Texas lifer and have never heard of this. I know people that love Dr Pepper and those very same people love legumes, especially at a baseball games, but nary a hot summer day have I seen the two put together.

But, there's a picture of it. On the Internet. BuzzFeed at that, so it must be true. Even more fascinating, they say it's "the perfect food."

Any of you ever had of peanuts in your Dr Pepper? I anxiously await your insight.

BuzzFeed spotted the drink on the blog Homesick Texan, which is written by Lisa Fain, who has a cookbook out by the same name. She offers a recipe for Dr Pepper peanut brittle, which brought up the whole point of putting peanuts in DP, plus a reference to a Barbara Mandrell song and I can't believe I just referenced Barbara Mandrell in a food article. I get 10 points.

I will confess the Dr Pepper Peanut Brittle recipe (adapted from Cooking with Dr Pepper and 7Up) actually looks pretty good.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.