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The Traditional
Kristy Yang

Eno's Pizza Tavern: Good Pizza Deals Abound, If You Can Restrain Yourself

Let Happy Eating guide you to some cheap eats as we highlight local restaurant happy-hour menus. This week we're in Oak Cliff nibbling on some wafer-thin pizzas at Eno's.

Where: Eno's Pizza Tavern, 407 N. Bishop Ave. When: 4 p.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Friday The Scene: Served throughout the restaurant, happy hour is quiet, but it draws a scattering early diners, i.e. teenagers and old folks. (I fit in the latter.) The Deal: $10 pizzas The Steals: Get the local pie -- a daily changing specialty pizza -- for $10 and save yourself six bucks off the regular price. The Con: Although tasty, Eno's pizzas are paper-thin and fatties like me might not be satisfied after one pizza. Yeah, I'm gross. Lushworthy: Daily specials on a rotation of beers.

The bottom line: Tasty, thin crust pizza + a lottery of daily changing beer specials = As Martha would put it, "A good thing."

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