Fried Chicken and Enchiladas: It's What We Do, According to Food and Wine and Serious Eats

Dallas' food has gotten attention from all corners of the internet recently. Food and Wine put together a slideshow that compiles the country's 30 best renditions of fried chicken. Local favorite Bubba's Cooks Country is listed among the nation's greatest fried birds. The restaurant submitted a fried chicken shot so hot it made the lead picture for the slideshow.

In 2008, the Cheap Bastard described Bubba's chicken as good enough to offset a wait in line among throngs of SMUers. They've also received Observer Best Fried Chicken awards not once, but twice.

Two other Texas restaurants made the list as well. The Barbecue Inn, in Houston, is described as having legendary fried chicken that's tossed in flower and cooked to order, and the Highball in Austin boasts buttermilk-brined cast iron fried delicious bird, according to F+W.

In the mood for Tex-Mex instead? Nine enchiladas recently garnered the attention of Ed Levine's Serious Eats website. The piece depicts various fillings wrapped in tortillas and swimming in a sea of sauce. Avila's, BEE, Blue Mesa, Cowboy Chicken, El Fenix, Herrera's, Mi Cocina's, and Mia's all get a mention, with Enchilada's boasting the most food porn-worthy shot. The chicken filling in Enchilada's lights out enchilada is topped with a sour cream sauce and queso and described as "a little over the top" by Serious Eats.

But, really, what Tex-Mex is not?

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