Fuzzy's Taco Shop: Nachos with a Side of Double Entendre.

I thought there couldn't possibly be a more ladyparts-sounding restaurant name in Dallas when Rusty Taco opened. And then I heard about Fuzzy's Taco Shop. Of course they specialize in fish tacos.

Walk inside and you'll be way late making all the 'gina jokes: The owners already beat you to it. Signs that say, "Eat me!" and "We put the T & A in taco" adorn the walls. It's exactly the same level of dirty joking that Joe's Crab Shack does. Only difference is that if an employee of Fuzzy's says, "Haha! I gave you crabs! Get it???" it's because he really did give you pube lice. What? I'm so gross? You're the one with crabs.

I ordered one tempura fish taco (topped with lettuce, tomatoes, cilantro, cheese, feta and garlic sauce and only $1.99) and the original nachos (beef, $5.99). The fish taco came highly recommended by the girl at the counter. (She loved the Torchy's shirt I was accidentally wearing. Whoops. "Ohmigod, that place is soooo good!" Awkward.)

The tempura taco was a thumbs down. The soft tortilla was dry and busted apart. And although I enjoyed the garlic sauce, I didn't enjoy the soggy breaded fish. I was expecting a crunch and got a squish. Disappointment level: Gigli.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the original nachos were a thing of great beauty. They were infinitely better than the nachos at Freebirds, and I'm a pretty great nacho artist, so that's saying a lot. I got these Fuzzy's nachos to-go and I suggest you do the same. Here's why: In the to-go box, nachos come topped with ground beef, pico de gallo, shredded cheese, queso fresco, some delicious stuff that I'm pretty sure was ranch sauce and then—here's why to-go box is key—in its own separate huge Styrofoam container was the biggest side of queso I've ever seen. They keep the queso separate from the nachos so that nothing gets soggy and you get to do your own queso dousing whenever you get wherever you're going. Benefit: There's so much queso that even after you cover your nachos in the stuff, you still have tons left over for whatever weird sex thing you're gonna do later.

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