Go Moroccan at Medina Oven & Bar's Happy Hour

Every week we highlight a different restaurant happy hour food menu. This week: The Moroccan happy-hour fare at Medina Oven and Bar.

Where: Medina Oven and Bar, 2304 Victory Park Lane, Dallas, TX 75219

When: Monday through Friday, 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The Scene: HH is available through the entire restaurant and patio. It's Victory Park, so think young professionals with rolled up sleeves and loosened ties. The light crowd is a nice mix of yuppies grabbing grub and drinks after work, older couples swilling wine and noshing on hummus, and residents of Victory Park (the few) relaxing at their local restaurant and bar.

The Deal: $3 dips such as hummus, smoked eggplant, and harissa. A $4 menu of shrimp, beef, lamb sausage and chicken skewers. $4 mini pizzas.

Eat: The $3 spinach and preserved lemon phyllo wraps. Also, it may not be on the HH menu, but try the poached calamari in tomato sauce if you get the chance.

Lushworthy: $4 specialty mojito, martini, and sangria.

Bottom Line: Monday through Thursday is nice and relaxed, but Friday sees a bigger crowd. Medina's happy hour is a good way to dip your toe into Moroccan food, but the arousing dinner menu might just entice you to dive in head first.

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