How 'Bout Them Knockers: Lover's Pizza and Pasta

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Lover's Pizza and Pasta

5605 W. Lovers Lane

Promised delivery time: 35-45 minutes
Actual delivery time: 48.12 minutes

Option to order pizza by the slice: 15
No-frills, informative guy who took the order: 10
Running three minutes late on delivery: -20
Friendly European greaser dude with pompadour and white T-shirt who delivered our order: 19
Aurora sauce (creamy tomato sauce): 26
Steaming hot pizza and entrees: 17
Generously portioned side salad and tasty house dressing: 13
Getting two meals out of each doughy entree: 11

Total score: 91

Top Ten
Nandina Asian Tapas 93
Lover's Pizza and Pasta 91
Philly Connection 90
i Fratelli Pizza 85
Tony's Pizza & Pasta 83
(Lover's Pizza bumps Spiatzas Pizzeria from the Top Ten)

See complete 2009 standings here

There were three of us. We were juggling the final Mavs game and the finales of America's Next Top Model and Lost. It was a big night. We were confused, downtrodden and hungry. Basically, what I'm trying to say is, we ordered a lot of food. A lot. We experienced severe indecision and lack of control. That being said, onto the food.

I called Lover's Pizza and Pasta having the same brain flub I always have: When faced with delivery decision time, I can never remember the difference between stromboli and calzone. Lover's Phone Guy quickly solved my confusion: Stromboli contains more meat than cheese (at Lover's, it has pepperoni, beef and Italian sausage) while calzone has more cheese (ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan) and an optional pizza topping.

Didn't really matter though, because we ordered both (adding pepperoni and sausage to the calzone). Both arrived blazing hot and not nearly as greasy as you'd expect from a giant sealed package of pizza meat and gooey cheese. Half of the stromboli (with a side of red sauce we weren't expecting--very nice) was enough of a meal for me, but I foraged on, trying some of the beef ravioli with aurora sauce we ordered just to have ordered a pasta dish since, well, the restaurant has "pizza" and "pasta" within its name. 

Next time I'm totally eating the ravioli first before filling up on the strombo-loaf. No wait, I feel confident we'll never order the same mass of food again--I'll just get the ravioli with aurora sauce, the side salad and token garlic bread.

The calzone was deemed "too bready" by my Lost buddy, and they applied ricotta with a bit of a heavy hand, but she plowed through half and left the other in my fridge for the boy (he's no human garbage disposal like ol' Hughey, but he can put away anything involving pizza). Jen also claimed the ravioli was way better than she expected, since she's not the biggest ravioli fan in the world. But the sauce, oh the sauce.

The boy went with a thin crust pizza--half Italian sausage, half pepperoni and pineapple. It would have been excellent with just cheese, in my opinion, but Lover's isn't stingy with the toppings and the boy was quite happy with his halvsies...and especially with the ample leftovers. A couple of slices at the restaurant is damn fine, but having it in your home and at your disposal is pretty exciting.

In summation, I'm actually glad my pick for ANTM didn't win it since now she won't be bogged down with "My Life as a Cover Girl" commercials. And I'm not sure that the white light was actual detonation--and if it was, whether it worked correctly or not (sidenote: ha ha and some flying rebar to you, Phil! And good job with your dad, Miles!). I'd rather not discuss the Mavs. Also, now that I've moved to the neighborhood, I'll be ordering Lover's Pizza and Pasta whenever the occasion calls for it, which is as big a high-five I can give a shopping strip pizza joint that's a stone's throw from Fireside Pies.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.