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Chimichurri Bishop Arts Is Open for Welcomed Argentinian Cuisine

Do not skip the empanadas at Chimichurri.
Do not skip the empanadas at Chimichurri. Kian Hervey
Don’t let the name confuse you. Chimichurri in Bishop Arts is more than a spot for the Argentinean sauce complementary to seemingly any Latin dish.

The much-anticipated restaurant delayed its early fall opening because of COVID-19 restrictions and customs delays that caused the late arrival of décor and kitchen items. But as of Nov. 11, the newest addition to the Bishop Arts District is open for dinner with an expansive wine list and a menu that has empanadas, steak and more.

“It makes me miss traveling, being abroad, but it feels the closest I can get right now,” diner Jessica Gillespie Swanwick said. “I’ve been to Argentina once before, and the food, the drinks, it’s all good here.”

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Kian Hervey
Chimichurri also boasts a vermouth bar, which hosts a selection of liquors typical of Argentina, such as the fernet branca, a dark liqueur native to Italy, but wildly popular in Argentina, a server explained.

The fernet branca has a mint finish appealing to those ready to try something new, but the most popular drink on the menu, the waiter said, is the “gin & tato,” garnished with fruit, flowers and an LED ice cube.

Beef, lamb and vegetarian (cheese-based) empanadas start off the menu rounded out by grilled meats “parrilla” and “milanesas,” a breaded meat dish that's not dissimilar to chicken-fried steak. Familiar staples like fries or “papas espanolas” and “napolitana” pizza are available, too.

It's a nice combination of traditional and creative offerings. It's worth exploring the menu if you can spare room after plenty of those tempting empanadas.

We're told a brunch menu and expanded hours will be available to guests soon.

Paper menus used for the soft opening have been replaced by QR codes, and each indoor table, generously spaced apart, has a personal bottle of hand sanitizer for guests. Outdoor seating illuminated by red candles is also available.

Book reservations through Open Table, or place a pickup order through Toast Tab.

Chimichurri, 324 W. Seventh St. (Bishop Arts District). Open 5 to 10 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday; and 5 p.m. to midnight Friday and Saturday.
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