Nothing Says "Aw, Dude!" Like Barbec's Beer Biscuits

Today is the last day that Dude Fooder Noah W. Bailey will actually work here in our Dallas Observer offices. He's leaving us, moving on, spreading his bearded wings. (Don't get too upset -- we think we've gotten him to say he'll still contribute to our fine publication on occasion.) Sad to see him go, I picked up the one breakfast I could think of that would make my "work spouse" of six years sigh, lean back in his shitty, busted office chair, and smile.

Barbec's beer biscuits. We've lauded them before by way of Best of Dallas awards, but there's just no way to truly give them their due. They're high as the heavens, soft on the inside, crusty on top, sweet from beer, perfect with some gravy (or grape jelly, if you prefer), and that's still not saying it all...but there's still one left, and I really don't like to talk with my mouth full.

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