Postmates Lands in Dallas, Ready to Deliver You Anything 24 Hours a Day

For all of the great food in Dallas, we remain well behind other cities in terms of delivery options. Most neighborhoods have a few Thai and Chinese and pizza places that deliver, but in many areas of the city there isn't much else to call on when you're too lazy to put on pants.

Enter Postmates, a jack-of-all-trades 24-hour delivery service. This iPhone and Android app allows users to request delivery of just about anything that is legal, including restaurant take-out from places that don't offer their own delivery services, convenience store munchies, and even office supplies for those late-night work benders. As Eater Dallas reported yesterday, the app will start taking its first Dallas orders today.

Postmates is already operating in multiple cities across the country, including Austin and Houston. The app is described on its website as an "on-demand delivery infrastructure" that will allow users to have any product delivered to their door in less than an hour. Like Uber, Postmates relies on independent contractors to complete the deliveries, and users can track the progress of their purchases in the app.

Dallas has long been deprived of these kinds of delivery services, even though sites like Seamless have had great success in cities like New York. No word yet on what the local delivery fee will be, but one reviewer at The Verge found that it cost only $6 plus appropriate tip to have an assortment of baked goods delivered to his office.

There have been previous incarnations of sites like these. Relatively unknown services like Doorstep Dallas offer a similar product, but haven't really seem to take off in the city. Now, GrubHub and Eat24 are really the only options for online food delivery, and they can be occasionally unreliable. On one personal order to Greenville Avenue Pizza Company through Eat24, the restaurant didn't receive the order for at least 45 minutes after it was placed, and the restaurant stopped using the service altogether soon after.

Postmates joins niche booze delivery service Minibar in servicing our lazy food and drink needs, but it's unclear whether Postmates will offer similar delivery of the sauce. At present, it is scheduled to service neighborhoods including Knox-Henderson, Lower Greenville, the Park Cities, Uptown, and Oak Lawn.

You can now download the app to your phone, and Postmates is offering free delivery through February 15. We can't really think of any better Valentine's Day gift than the possibility of 24-hour access to junk food, condoms, and godknowswhat else.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.