Recipe for a Fit Date Night at Home: Lean Chili and a Little Exercise

On those cold or rainy date nights when you want to stay home, or those nights when you just can't schedule a date night outside of your house -- why don't you warm up with some turkey chili from either Greenz or My Fit Foods and stay healthy while eating it? Or if eating in doesn't sound appealing and you must go to a sit-down-place, you'll have to choose Greenz, because My Fit Foods is just a room with a bunch of refrigerators full of healthy meals and no seating area. Greenz has several cute restaurant locations around town. But none of them are going to be as romantic as when you bring takeout food home, dim the lights, light a few candles around your house and plan to "watch a movie" with your date.

Both Greenz and My Fit Foods serve their own versions of turkey chili. Greenz serves turkey chili in cups or bowls, and calls its chili "hearty and wholesome, topped with cheddar cheese and red onion." My Fit Foods serves three sizes of Denyse's Killuh Chili, which it calls a "Southwest delight" that has "lean ground turkey breast combined with tomatoes, black beans, celery, bell peppers and the perfect blend of healthy spices."

Here's a breakdown comparing the nutritional information of these two turkey chilies.

I've tried both and found each of them tasty. I could eat either chili several times a week because they're easy and pretty filling. If pressed to choose one, I'd select Denyse's Killuh Chili from My Fit Foods because it's a tad bit heartier. But at Greenz you can get more variety for the price -- you can order a soup and salad combo for $8.25. The combo comes with half of a Caesar, Classic Greenz, The Mediterranean, Pear & Goat Cheese or Chipotle Chicken salad and a cup of chili. If you go to My Fit Foods, the low carb chili alone will run you $6.75 for a small portion, $8.25 for a medium and $10.25 for a large.

On our particular at-home-date-night, my date picked up soups and salads from Greenz. (I had the Pear & Goat Cheese salad and highly recommend it.) Then he went searching all over town for the movie I'd suggested. Three Red Boxes (or maybe it was two Red Boxes and a Blockbuster) later, he called to let me know he'd finally found the movie and would be over shortly. I felt bad that he went on a search and told him I didn't mean for him to go to so many places, and I thought most people didn't really care about the movie -- because who's really planning on actually watching the movie anyway? Everyone knows what "let's rent a movie" or "let's stay in and watch a movie" means, right? It's code for making out.

He admitted he knew that and was just trying to make a good impression. You know,showing me he had really listened to what I said and cared enough to find the right movie. Well that's true, he did. A for effort! And I'm happy to report the movie started off great but neither of us knows how it ended.

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Monica Berry

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