Saint Rocco's New York Italian is Open in Trinity Groves (Photos)

Saint Rocco's New York Italian, legendary restauranteur Phil Romano's flagship tribute to classic Italian-American lifestyle, has finally opened at the edge of Trinity Groves.

Romano keeps his partners close. Along with the careful selection of co-owner and executive chef Jay Valley to lead the kitchen, Romano chose designer Kate Murphy, who worked with him on the interior design of his own home here in Dallas, to create the classic Italian look inside Saint Rocco's. Friends' and partners' family photos line every inch of the walls. The rich reds, dark woods with black and white all over design is at once modern and old-school. And the same could be said for the cuisine. A sole Milanese, for example, features panko- and Parmesan-crusted Dover sole served with an arugula and heirloom tomato salad. In-house desserts from pastry chef Sonia Mancillas include classics like cannoli, Italian cookies and spumoni, along with modern twists like ricotta cheesecake, a toasted banana pudding and chocolate espresso cake.

While I was taking some shots just hours before he opened the doors, Romano himself was redecorating, carefully placing napkins, glasses and silverware in each window sill. "This feels more like a home." I agreed. Later he offered me his biscotti. This was not a euphemism. 

There is also a forthcoming event space and rooftop bar that promises "the best view of downtown Dallas"

Just who was Saint Rocco anyway? Will you be praising him when you take your first bite of piping hot veal scallopini or house-made chocolate cake? I can't answer that for you. But Saint Rocco's is open for dinner every night at 5:00 pm, so go ahead and find out.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.