Sol's Nieto on Mockingbird Closes; Like it Or Not, That Yelp Rating Couldn't Have Helped

News broke yesterday that Sol's Nieto Mexican Grill at Mockingbird and Abrams closed. Gubbins got the scoop from manager Blanca Perez: "The landlords refused to make any kind of deal with us, so there is nothing we can do. After 10 years, it's heart-breaking for us to go down this way."

Landlords ... Getting locked out ... Another victim of the economy? Or might it had to do with Sol's Nieto abysmal two-star average on Yelp? Previously we've debated the pendulum swing of influence that Yelp can have. When a place continually gets lambasted in social media, it never seems to pan out well.

Recently Michael Luca of Harvard Business School published a study about the effects of Yelp and determined that a one-star increase on the site can create up to a 9 percent increase in revenue.

Does 9 percent help cover rent? Absolutely.

Love it or hate it, social media reviews (among many other things) impact business.

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