Take Me To Your Feeder

We've all got our minds on comfort food right now. Just check out the TV. Or the newspapers, the food blogs or any restaurant menu for proof. When times are tight, folks turn to tried and true, deep fried, gravy-covered favorites for a pick-me-up at the end of a long day.

We want the good stuff just like Mom used to make, and in big ol' portions fit for a growing boy or girl. To that end, we've listed a few picks for strapping on the comfort food feed bag when you're strapped for cash. For about the price of a side of creamed spinach at a steakhouse, you can eat your fill at one of these fine establishments--even if it takes three helpings of banana pudding to get the job done.

Golden Corral: There's something truly comforting about sheer, unadulterated volume. For $7.59 you can choose from a staggering array of main dishes at this family-friendly buffet (from "awesome" pot roast to Cajun-style fish) and some two dozen-plus sides.

Ole Whiskers: Fried chicken, barbecued ribs and catfish, catfish, catfish are the draw at Ole Whiskers. And yes, the name sounds like a brand of discount pet food. You'll get past it. $9.49 for lunch and $11.99 for dinner.

Ryan's: This home style buffet's website says it all: "The only voice you have to listen to here is your eatin' voice." In other words, nobody's gonna tell you peach cobbler isn't a vegetable. Just $7.49 for over 100 items.

Pancho's Mexican Super Buffet: No Texan's list of top comfort foods would be complete with enchiladas, refried beans and sopaipillas. For $8.11 here you can get all that and more. ...But it might take a couple of days to get that "Raise the Flag" song out of your head afterward.

Willhoite's Restaurant: The all-you-can-eat Texas Country Buffet is just $7.99 for lunch and $9.99 for dinner at this downtown Grapevine favorite. They've got booze, too, for those days when the healing power of comfort food needs a little extra help.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.