The Onion Breaks Into Food TV With Porkin' Across America

If you're more of a Diners Drive-ins and Dives basher than a Guy Fieri fan, and Man Versus Food turns your stomach, you might get a kick out of The Onion's latest video series. Porkin' Across America parodies the shows that have developed a cult like following as devoted fans follow their favorite personalities across the country, assaulting their arteries with beef, cheese and pork fat.

The whole video is funny, but if you're a fan of The Onion's style of humor you'll love the scene depicting Jim Haggerty sharing a meal of pulled pork sandwiches and french fries with Michael Moses Jr.

Haggerty: You can really taste the cooked pork

Moses: We add a little extra chili powder to give it a nice kick.

Haggerty: Oh, I like the chili. You can taste the powder, too.

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Scott Reitz
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