The Original Pancake House: Big, Filled, Affordable Pancakes. Is This Heaven?

Got a hangover? Of course you do, it's a weekday. And when you wake up feeling like your forehead's been bitch slapped by a truck, pancakes are the one true remedy for what ails you. Pancakes: invented by angels. Pancakes: syrup's true love. Pancakes: fucking tasty shit that sometimes gets filled with even tastier shit like berries or chocolate chips or bourbon.

Instead of heading to the usual IHOP or Denny's, I decided to try The Original Pancake House. I've passed it up a bunch of times because its nice brick facade, the graffiti-free sign out front and the lack of prices on their online menu made me think that they probably offer up fancy-shmancy expensive breakfast that only Scrooge McDuck-types can afford. But once you walk into The OG Pancake house, it's clear that your pocketbook is gonna be just fine. Imagine the inside of an IHOP. Now, add ruffled window treatments and subtract lighting. There. You're done.

The menu's pretty big, so take your time with it. And if nine bucks is too much for pancakes and eggs and bacon, do what I did and order from the "Lighter Fare" side of the menu. I had the bacon and egg, which includes one egg served any way you like it. (I got scrambled, which I don't recommend. Don't get me wrong—it was super tasty, but it was such a sad, small amount of scramblage.) It also came with two slices of bacon. (Holy crap, what they're stingy about on eggs, they make up for with their bacon. The giant, way-too-big-to-be-from-an-actual-pig slices of bacon must have been sliced off a Kardashian's butt. Huuuuge.) Plus, there were three pancakes (again, any way you want 'em, so chocolate chip it up). Gotta love a place where an egg, some bacon and three pancakes is the "light" option.


The Original Pancake House

The Original Pancake House 2900 Lemmon Ave. 214-528-7215

Ruffled window treatment count: 3 Seconds the hostess sat in a booth staring at me before she decided to seat me: 140

Apple cinnamon pancakes are a house specialty and are highly recommended by many people on the World Wide Web. I couldn't order them after my lunch mate opened the menu, saw the pic of the apple pancake plate and yelled, "They look like brains!!" Also a popular option: the Dutch Baby. They say it takes about 20-30 minutes to prepare (probably depending on the crawling speed of the baby).

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