The Savages at 3 Stacks Are Garnishing Bloody Marys with Meat

3 Stacks Smoke and Tap House
 in Frisco and its signature bloody mary have a question for you.

Just how brutal is that hangover you're nursing, little buddy? Brutal enough that you want to go for bloody marys the next morning? Or brutal enough that your everyday bloody mary simply will not do?

Is that hangover bad enough for what is probably DFW's most brutal bloody mary? No celery here, because what better way to get the ol' gutty works back on an even keel than to mix meat with vodka? If your hangover — and your stomach lining — are that tough, then feel free to give the 3 Stacks Bloody Mary, which is garnished with none other than a mesquite-smoked pork rib, a go.

3 Stacks is clearly the type of pure American organization that believes if one thing is good, and another thing is good, combine those things and you will get something awesome. This weird combo actually wasn't bad at all. At a certain point, after a couple pulls on the red life juice, you're forced to take the rib out and eat it separately, lest it sink to the bottom of the Red Sea. 

So you're really getting a zesty pick-me-up and an app (that was erstwhile dipped in your zesty pick-me-up) for $8, and you could and probably did do a hell of a lot worse than that this weekend as you searched for the brunch spot that most closely defined your current level of hangover. 

Staying for lunch at 3 Stacks, though, has been known to induce the famous meat hangover. But you'll leave with a much more enjoyable bloated feeling in your intestine than the dull wrenching pain you came in with. So, win win?

The fatty brisket ain't exactly brunch material but its thick bark is infused with mesquite and pecan smoke, and the glaze on the ribs is fantastic. The sausage (bought offsite, not made in house) and sides left something to be desired during the lunch rush, but even without a full meaty lunch, that 3 Stacks bloody mary will cure what ails ya (statement not evaluated by the FDA. The 3 Stacks bloody mary is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease).

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