This Week's Best Food Deals, Starring Cheap Mooyah, Mucho Queso and THE CLAW!

Our inboxes fill each day with a metric shit-ton of offers, flash sales and discounts. Here are some of this week's foodfull best.

KGB Deals: $7 or $10, for $15 or $20, respectively at Mooyah There are the fast-food burgers, like Whataburger and In-n-Out; there are high-level, restaurant-served burgers like Neighborhood Services and The Porch; and then the mid-range burgers, like Mooyah, Five Guys and Smashburger. In this middle weight class, Mooyah makes good burgers and good fries, so you should jump on this deal to eat some of them: more Mooyah for less moolah. Yep, that just happened. My apologies.

Groupon: $19 for a CLAW CANDY MACHINE

Buy this deal and it can be effing Willy Wonka time in your house 24/7. The Claw Candy and Toy Machine WITH LED LIGHTS and MUSIC is just $19. A lot of allowance money, for sure, but remember, you're a grownup now. And you know what grownups do when they suck at something? They buy it and win the hell out of it. Over and over. Tootsie Rolls should be very afraid.

GiltTaste: Murray's Cheese, Newbie Collection, $58.95 Have you ever wanted to host a cheese-tasting party for yourself for some friends? Well, here's your chance. Try a French double-crème brie, a gruyère aged in a cave, some gorgonzola, chèvre, crackers and a jar of fig jam for sweetness. Then, just try to share.

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