Top 10 Sexiest Female Chefs In Dallas

Yeah, yeah--pretty damn juvenile of us...not to mention downright sexist.

But, damn it, if Danica Patrick can embrace beauty as well as hard nose racing skill, then we're allowed the occasional foray into 'babe-licious' territory.

Now, it wasn't an easy process. After much hemming and hawing, we had to pass up the quite cute Julia Lopez of Alo. We considered including Jill Bates (one of Fearing's crew) based on name--sounds a lot like Jail Bait--as well as looks. Ultimately, however, she was sliced. Could have included Katie Brown of George Catering and Robin Gill Lacy, formerly at Cliff Cafe, as well.

Instead, here are the hottest things standing in Dallas area kitchens:

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