Top Round Opens in East Dallas this Saturday

As of Saturday, we can all have this cheesy roast beef sandwich.EXPAND
As of Saturday, we can all have this cheesy roast beef sandwich.
Kathy Tran

Everyone knows sandwiches taste better when someone else makes them. When it's fast-casual sandwich specialists from Top Round, it's almost definitely going to be better than anything you could make yourself.

Founded by Steven Fretz and a few of his partners in California, Top Round is a fast-casual sandwich shop focused on cranking out cravable food without sacrificing quality.

The Bryan Street-North Fitzhugh Avenue intersection in East Dallas is becoming a culinary hot spot for those looking for something new. While Jimmy's Food Store has been a stronghold here, and the beloved Tom Spicer was here, too, the culinary experience is expanding with places such as Khao Noodle Shop. La Popular relocated to the intersection to sell its tamales, too.

Cheese fries at Top RoundEXPAND
Cheese fries at Top Round
Kathy Tran

Coming in at 2,800 square feet, Top Round boasts a classic Americana style of design and feeling. Large, open dining areas with fluorescent-orange chairs and aluminum-sided diner tables fill the space, giving off a familiar, retro aesthetic.

The space comes with two separate patios and an indoor/outdoor bar for those looking to catch some shade under the brutal summer sun. For those looking to make use of Top Round’s lightning-quick service, a to-go window is available.

Even though its style may hearken back to the days of artificial food dyes and fast food fillers, Top Round is decidedly all-natural. Keeping themselves free of any additives, fillers or preservatives while ensuring they only use 100% pure beef and all-natural chicken breast is what pushes them into the 21st century.

Top Round roasts its own Angus beef for the sandwiches, sauces are housemade and chicken breasts are hand breaded.

The sandwiches at Top Round focus on iconic flavors in a no-nonsense kind of way. Items such as horseradish and mushroom-roast beef, a buffalo chicken burger and even a cheeseburger topped with a homemade iteration of the iconic orange "Cheez Whiz" have made their way onto the menu. This location also has vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options to offset the guilt that might arise from the housemade dirty fries or cheese tots.

Top Round is also known for its ice cream custards. They plan on offering items such as banana cream pie, praline-pecan turtles and pistachio flavored shakes. The dual bars at Top Round will also offer a selection of Dallas local beers and custom cocktails.

Top Round will open its doors Saturday, Aug. 3, to hungry patrons looking to upgrade their roast beef sandwich and for those looking for the latest comfortable, casual and fun spot to beat the heat.

Top Round, 4800 Bryan St. (Old East Dallas). Open 11 a.m.-midnight daily. 214-647-1075. eattopround.com.

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