Roast Beef Sammich
Roast Beef Sammich
Uncle Uber's Sammich Shop

Uncle Uber's Sammich Shop Opened in Deep Ellum Today

Well, surprise, surprise. This morning Bryan and Kathy Crelly woke up and said something like, "Soft openings are for pussies. Let's do this!"

Because just yesterday the owners of Uncle Uber's Sammich Shop in Deep Ellum were a bit hush-hush about their opening plans, but today a "Now Open" banner proudly hangs over their front door and a picture of their first customer adorns their facebook page (he looks really happy).

I just spoke with owner Kathy Crelly, formerly of Uptown Bar and Grill, and she told me their first lunch went pretty well. This is all old hat to them though, seeing as it's the fifth restaurant they've opened.

So, why a sammich shop in Deep Ellum?

"We knew there would be a heavy lunch crowd, and we wanted to simplify, make things quick, affordable and enjoyable," said Crelly.

They just returned from a seven-year stint in Chicago. She told me they loved the city, but the warm sun beckoned them back home south. Really though, Kathy? Get more than you bargained for?

"You don't have to shovel the heat," she said.

In terms of menu, Crelly recommends either the shaved rib eye or roast beef, roasted in house, and told me the bacon goat cheese has also been getting a lot of good feedback. They're open until 10 p.m.


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