Joshua Cole (left) and Jovan Cole work the Vegan Vibrationz food stand at Dallas Farmers Market.EXPAND
Joshua Cole (left) and Jovan Cole work the Vegan Vibrationz food stand at Dallas Farmers Market.
Dalila Thomas

Young Entrepreneur Brings Vegan Vibrationz to Dallas Farmers Market

Breatharian. Definition: A person who believes that it is possible, through meditation, to reach a level of consciousness at which one can obtain all sustenance from the air or sunlight.

That’s the level Jovan Cole is trying to reach, eventually. But for now, he’s focusing on the task at hand: feeding folks some pretty delicious vegan food. Cole, who goes by Vonnie, is the owner of Vegan Vibrationz, a company that offers catering and meal prep but is most known for its stand at the Shed at the Dallas Farmers Market.

Cole, a vegan now for more than five years, made his transition from Pensacola, Florida, to Dallas about a year and a half ago for more opportunity.

“Everybody around me was doing music. Some people were playing sports. I didn’t really have anything going on for myself,” Cole says. “So whenever I found cooking, that’s when I fell in love with it, and I went all the way in. Anything that I do, I put everything into it.”

Cole was aware of the growing vegan scene in Dallas. But that doesn’t change the fact that Texans, for the most part, are all about meat. That's why he’s strategic when it comes to what he serves.

“They love it,” he says. “They can’t believe what they’re eating. I have this fried oyster mushroom, and they think it’s chicken. I really don’t do a lot of fried foods at home. I do it here just to show people that they can still eat those kinds of things cruelty free, without animal products. Food is life — food is not death.”

Cole jokes that he’s not "one of those vegans that’ll throw paint on your fur," but he is into metaphysics, frequencies and vibrations, hence the moniker.

Vegan Vibrationz's brunch plate.EXPAND
Vegan Vibrationz's brunch plate.
Dalila Thomas

“I think it starts with the mind,” he explains. “And from there it starts to manifest down to the physical.”

To which he makes an interesting point, when it comes to getting, well, physical.

“Everything is constantly transferring," he says. "If your significant other is a meat eater and you’re vegan and y’all are laying together, you’re going to take on that energy. And that energy is coming from the food. Not to mention bodily fluids. So you might as well eat meat if your partner is.”

And although Cole has yet to convert his entire family, his inner circle lives a plant-based life, including his wife and twin brother.

As far as the future of Vegan Vibrationz, no brick-and-mortar is on the horizon now, but a food truck is in the stars. And while conquering the breatharian lifestyle in his 40s or 50s somewhere on island is the ultimate goal, for now, Cole is content with breathing life into the vegan scene, one vibration — and plate — at a time.

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