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Where to Get the Beefiest Burgers in Dallas, Without the Beef

You won't ask 'Where's the beef?' when you dine at one of these restaurants.
Try the signature Nuno's Vegmex burger double-pattied. It's layered with blankets of vegan cheese.
Try the signature Nuno's Vegmex burger double-pattied. It's layered with blankets of vegan cheese. Nuno's
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One tried-and-true thing about the Dallas food scene is this: there’s no shortage of a good meatless burger. From the new Slutty Vegan burgers that ooze with tangy Slut Sauce to the ultra-crispy Meati “chicken” sandwiches at Birdcall, Dallas restaurants have found a way to shove just about anything vegetarian between burger buns and, most importantly, make it taste good. With more options on the map than ever, we’ve compiled a list of Dallas’ meatiest burgers, without the meat, of course.

Slutty Vegan (Vegan)

2707 Main St.
Slutty Vegan's specialty, the One Night Stand burger, is more than just a one-night meal. It oozes in a wildly addicting Slut Sauce that drips out of the burger in all the right places. Loaded to the brim and then wrapped in a flimsy parchment paper, the beast of a burger is anything but easy to eat. It comes stuffed almost superfluously with lettuce, tomatoes and plant-based bacon strips that fall out of the burger at each bite. The greasy “meat” patty that sits in the middle adds a subtle smokiness to the burger. Paired with sweet vegan Hawaiian rolls, the burger strikes a nice balance between tangy, sweet and greasy. Oh, and it comes with a side of slutty fries, too.

Nuno’s Vegmex (Vegan)

8024 Spring Valley Road
If you’ve sampled Nuno’s plant-based tacos, quesadillas or Oatly shakes, it’ll come as no surprise that this hole-in-the-wall shop serves up a pretty mean vegan burger too. Try the Mexican chopped cheeseburger, stuffed with vegan bistec ranchero protein, grilled onions and fried jalapenos. A blanket of vegan cheese adds another colorful layer to the two-patty wonder. The Michael Scott Fishless burger has a vegan fish cutlet topped with homemade tartar sauce. Barbecue, American ham and fried chicken burgers spruce up the menu as well. They’re all nested inside Nuno’s signature buttery brioche buns.

TLC's vegan burger
TLC's vegan burger drips with vegan chili and cheese.
Anisha Holla

Tastes Like Chicken Vegan Chicken (Vegan)

1930 N. Coit Road, Richardson
Although best-known (and branded) for its ultra crispy "tastes like chicken” soy meat, TLC has a lot more going for it than just the vegan chicken. The larger-than-life chili burger is served with either a Better Balance, an Impossible or a bean patty, seared on the grill to achieve a smokey flavor before being shoved into a vegan hamburger bun. Layers of house-made chili and vegan queso drip out the sides. Since chef Troy Gardner opened the TLC brick-and-mortar in November 2022, you can enjoy the monstrosity of a burger in-house, without having to worry about a messy take-out order. Currently, you can enjoy this guilty (vegan) pleasure every day but Tuesday and Wednesday.

click to enlarge El Palote Panaderia barbecue sandwich
The barbecue sandwich at El Palote Panaderia.
El Palote Panaderia

El Palote Panaderia (Vegan)

2537 S. Buckner Blvd.
This small red building tucked away near Pleasant Grove is a hidden gem. Pushed by customer demand and their own vegan lifestyle, owners Aurelio and Lily Arias decided in 2016 to convert their bakery into an all-vegan daytime eatery. Today, it goes by the name El Palote Panaderia. Tacos filled with vegan meats, tortas stuffed with tofu queso and enchiladas floating in pools of refried beans are all tributes to the couple’s own Mexican heritage. Inhale one or two of the tacos ($3.50) or enchiladas ($2.75) as a precursor to the meal. But you’ll find the real star of the show in the burgers. The famous barbecue sandwich is the couple’s own take on a burger made with a jackfruit “pulled pork,” drenched in a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce, topped with pickles and held together loosely by a giant burger bun. It’s heavy, so wash it all down with a glass of the house vegan horchata.

Vegan Food House (Vegan)

832 W. Seventh St. (Oak Cliff)
Vegan Food House opened its doors in 2019 with a focus on plant-based Creole food. Plant-based brunches, bites, salads and flatbreads are just some of the things that have made the place so popular since then. Fried “ricotta” lasagna, “clam” strips and “beefy” chimichangas feed into the deep-fried scents that waft out of the kitchen. But the most slept-on part of the four-page menu might just be the burgers. A signature MAC burger has a plant-based Impossible patty, topped with house-made mac and cheese. Thick coatings of vegan gouda and cheddar cheese make a loaded burger even cheesier. Its siblings on the menu include an Uptown Burger dressed in smoky ranch and a mushroom burger with grilled portobello. Enjoy them with a side of Vegan Food House fries, tossed in a Creole seasoning. And perhaps indulge in an oat milk shake or coffee while you're there.

click to enlarge Wulf Burger red and green vegan burgers
Red and green burger buns seem like a Christmas-time festivity.
Anisha Holla

Wulf Burger (Vegan)

Multiple Locations
Red and green burger buns not only make for a good Christmas-time offering but a surprisingly good burger too. With multiple locations dotted around the Dallas area, Wulf Burger isn’t necessarily known for its meatless menu. But ask and you shall receive. The Wulf Vegan Special comes with an Impossible patty, vegan aioli and soft green burger bun (colored with all-natural avocado extract). It's smaller than its counterparts on the list, so you may want to ask for the double-patty version, which is stuffed with double the protein, toppings and grease.

click to enlarge Doghaus impossible burger
DogHaus allows customers to substitute any of the meat patties with Impossible meat. The burger isn't fully vegan, but it's completely meat-free.

Dog Haus (Vegetarian)

Multiple Locations
Hailing from California, this German Biergarten concept offers an adventurous menu of burgers, hot dogs and 10 different varieties of German beer. From crispy chicken sandwiches to beer-battered corn dogs, the menu is all about smoky, juicy, German-sized meat. But almost every glorious serving of German meat you’ll find on the menu comes with a plant-based alternative. Sub an Impossible patty into any of Dog Haus' six signature burgers, all served on buttered sweet Hawaiian rolls. Each burger comes with its own combination of toppings — from sliced avocado to crispy onion rings. Even the “absolute wurst” hot dogs can be made with vegetarian sausage upon request.

click to enlarge Birdcalls' Meati burger
Birdcall's 'Meati' burger comes with a vegetarian "chicken" cutlet stuffed inside.
Anisha Holla

Birdcall (Vegetarian)

3232 E Hebron Pkwy., Carrollton
A Denver-based fried chicken chain, Birdcall satiates any and all cravings for a chicken-less chicken burger. While the majority of its menu is chicken-based, the popular “Meati” burger presents a deceivingly crispy chicken cutlet made with a chicken-less mushroom root. Bite into layers of soft burger buns, crispy plant-based chicken and a tangy Asian coleslaw for a crunch at the end. It’s served with a creamy Sriracha aioli on buttery burger buns. The plant-based chicken cutlet can be substituted into any of the nine other burgers too. Different slaws, vegetables and house-made sauces all make the meatless meal worth the drive.

click to enlarge Vegan Vibrationz bacun jalapeno burger
The Bacun jalapeño burger on the Vegan Vibrationz menu is intentionally misspelled.
Vegan Vibrationz

Vegan Vibrationz (Vegan)

7800 Windrose Ave., Plano
Vegan Vibrationz is the cream of the crop when it comes to vegan food in Dallas. Plant-based wraps, nachos and wings all come topped with different plant-based creams, dressings and sauces. It’s the brainchild of chef Jovan Cole, who’s been peddling burgers from the back of his truck since 2021. A new location in Plano’s Legacy Food Hall this year marks the vegan eatery’s first brick-and-mortar spot. And we suspect that the top-notch burger is partly responsible for the lines. Vegan Vibrationz’s "bacun" jalapeño cheddar burger starts with a meatless patty, grilled with a slice of vegan cheddar on top and doused in a spicy chipotle mayo. This customer favorite is finished off with layers of plant-based bacon and crispy onion. A barbecue burger features jackfruit-based meat with a tangy barbecue sauce and mayonnaise. Fluffy burger buns sponge up extra grease, fat, sauce and just about everything in between.
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