Veggie Guy: BuzzBrews Kitchen

I've always had a little bit of a love/hate thing for BuzzBrews Kitchen. Nowhere else in Dallas can vegans get decent sized late night eats, but service isn't really their forte.

My last visit there was on a semi-chilly Saturday night with my buddies Drew, Jamey, and Gray. The guys and I had made our rounds to several outdoor parties and decided to warm up at BuzzBrews. Since the place has no set vegan selections, I schooled the guys on what was fair game for us.

I ordered a Shiner, Garlic Marbles (small Yukon Gold potatoes simmered, then baked with olive oil, garlic, herbs, and spices), Veggie Sausage (which I've always been told was vegan), sautéed mixed veggies (potatoes, shiitake mushrooms, and spinach), black beans (minus cheese), three whole wheat tortillas and three bullets of ketchup. Drew and Gray selected similar sides, and Jamey settled on the Veggie Veggie (86 eggs and cheese, add veggies) which consisted of two wheat tortillas filled with veggie sausage, shiitake mushrooms, spinach, and fresh jalapeños, cilantro and served with Garlic Marbles, pico, and a pickled jalapeño.

First out was our order of beans...topped with feta cheese. We sent them back.

Jamey's dish came out about five minutes later and, after what felt like ages, the rest of our food arrived. I inspected my plate, then noticed I'd been served several bullets of salsa instead of ketchup, so I sneeringly asked the guys, "Um...where the hell's my ketchup?"

"Well, you've got plenty of salsa!" Jamey kidded.

"I know, right? But I want ketchup...like A LOT of it." About seven minutes later, our waitress returned. "Yeah, can I get some ketchup? I got salsa instead," I politely asked. "Sure," she said. Five more minutes went by before I got my ketchup, but once I did, I rocked-out a mean, ketchup-doused veggie taco and went crazy on it!

"Oh, yeah--this is where it's at--SO GOOD!" I moaned aloud.

But too good to be true, it was.

Drew learned from the cooks that the veggie sausage wasn't even vegan. BuzzBrews has been serving me MorningStar Farms' egg-laden veggie sausage all this time. I was not a happy vegan. And neither were the guys. They'd been eating that sausage, too. I felt like a total jerk. You know, since I was, after all, the one who told them the veggie sausage was vegan.

Meanwhile, Gray was on the verge of passing out (poor guy had been up since early morning). So we handed our cards to the waitress and asked her to split our tab four ways. As you may have guessed, we waited FOR-E-VER before we got our final bills. When our waitress finally dropped them off, Jamey took the lead to distribute them. One for Drew. One for Gray. One for Jamey. And one for...Jamey.

"Dude--looks like she charged you for my part, too," I said to Jamey.

"Yeeeeeah, I got that..." Jamey replied with a "duh" look on his face.

"Let's get her back here," I suggested, but Drew kicked Jamey and me under the table and pointed his thumb over to Gray, who was nearly zonked out on the table.

"Just get me next time," Jamey conceded.

"Ok. Sorry..."

"It's cool--not your fault." Jamey said.

"And sorry about the sausage..."

To that, I got a several looks laced with daggers.

Thanks to BuzzBrews, I'm now on veggie probation with my pals.

BuzzBrews Kitchen
4154 N. Central Expy

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