Well Boot Scootin' Boogie, Decatur's Gettin' a Fuzzy's

I spy with my little eye more evidence of Fuzzy's Taco Shop taking over the world. This time we're way out west in Decatur's downtown square. "What the crap is Decatur?" you ask. Decatur is a charming, small town about 30 minutes west of Denton on Highway 380....or 4 hours if you're stuck behind a tractor trailer. Decatur is also home to the locally famous Sweetie Pie's Ribeyes, owned by the Vinyard family, owners of the gloriously gluttonous Babe's chain. Famous for their rosin-baked potatoes and incredibly simple but near-perfect chicken fried steak, Sweetie Pie's will be a fantastic culinary neighbor to Fuzzy's, as many of their patrons possess a fierce loyalty to their favorite foods. Something from which any new restaurant can only benefit.

Much like Denton (who also has a Fuzzy's Taco Shop as part of their square ... hmm), Decatur's downtown square is constructed around a beautiful courthouse that has been described by experts as "architecturally perfect." Unfortunately, much like Denton's downtown square, some retail spaces seem to be cursed with painfully short staying power (Fuzzy's comes as a blessing to Wise County taco lovers after the closing of the square's South Beach Taco Factory). However, given Fuzzy's wildly popular tacos and rapid-fire expansion, methinks this location will do quite well.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.