Whataburger Revolutionizes Tacos by Filling Tortillas with Sandwich Ingredients

Wednesday marked the beginning of Lenten season, and it only took Whataburger a day to announce plans to capitalize on the religious observance that is typically associated with prayer and repentance. And who wouldn't want to make money off those observers who abstain from eating red meat on Fridays during Lent? Friday fish frys at churches are popular during Lent, but if you need a fast-food alternative, Whataburger has you covered. Yesterday the fast food chain announced they will be offering a new fish taco and spicy tartar sauce for a limited time. Customers can substitute the Southwestern tartar sauce for boring tartar on Whatacatch Sandwiches and also on the new Whatacatch Taco. The taco consists of chopped breaded fish fillet and lettuce wrapped in a flour tortilla, topped with your choice of tartar sauce. Basically, it's the contents of a Whatacatch Sandwich in a taco. Gee, thanks, Whataburger. Your team of geniuses finally decided to cut up fish and stick it in a tortilla. And it doesn't even sound tasty. And it's only available until May 1.

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Elizabeth Bair
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