Elliott Hundley: The Bacchae Opens Tomorrow at Nasher
Elliott Hundley, swarming over, 2011,Wood, plastic, glass, wire, pins, found lanterns, metal, plaster, cement, string, shell, paper, canvas, marble, and found tapestry,56 x 90 x 36 inches Courtesy Regen Projects, Los Angeles, and Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York © Elliott Hundley Photo by Joshua White

Elliott Hundley: The Bacchae Opens Tomorrow at Nasher

What do goat hooves, vengeful gods, and lobster legs all have in common? They create the structure of Nasher's exciting new sculpture series that opens tomorrow, Saturday, January 28th, Elliott Hundley:The Bacchae.

In this stunning visual story Hundley draws inspiration from the especially ruthless god Dionysus, who punishes the citizens of Thebes for refusing to credit him as Zeus' son. After that, thing get reeeeeeeeeeal Greek. I'm talking about mass-female mind-control, ritualistic woodland worship sessions, and mothers killing their own sons. That's just how Dionysus rolled.

Expect these themes to regenerate within Hundley's electrifyingly dark wonderland in which nature itself seems to animate and beckon you into a nefarious corner. But don't expect the sculptures to fully take over -- Hundley's paintings also hold court and tease you with a bricolage of needles, bamboo and spray paint.

Go tomorrow and explore the collection because artist Elliott Hundley will be onsite doing a 360 Lecture series, so you'll hear his insights on developing the work from concept to creation. His lecture begins at 1 p.m. and is complimentary with museum admission. (Tickets cost $5 for students, $7 for Seniors, and $10 for everyone else.)

Yes. This ain't your daddy's Dionysus. Hell, this 11-piece exhibition is so charged-up that it's more on par with Dionysus' daddy. Watch for falling lightening bolts.

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