Susan Miller's Oscar Prediction Tweets Left Hollywood's Fate Up To The Universe

Susan Miller doesn't throw words like "retrograde" around willy-nilly, even when there's an Oscar at stake. The celeb psychic put a celestial spin on last night's Academy Awards by droppin' fate cards via Twitter. More entertaining than the ceremony itself, Miller's astrological decrypting of the 84-year old event predicted who would take home a statue, in 140 characters or less. (Spoiler alert: Taureans had a distinct advantage.) "Wait--Meryl has the moon in Taurus, and that COULD put her on the list of #Oscar winners. Rethinking. Michelle, Glenn has good chart too." This one struck gold. Sorry, Ms. Close. Meryl out-charted you for Best Actress. Don't be disappointed; it was out of your hands.

Always optimistic, Miller's astrological shout-outs weren't based exclusively on nominations. She noted that the stars were aligned for Crystal to knock it out of the park like it was 1990. "Billy Crystal a Pisces, March 14, with Taurus rising! He's sensitive to trends and to what the public is thinking and yearning to see+ hear."

At times the tweets were explanatory, and offered insight into why a particular recipient was successful, like in the category for Best Cinematography: "I love the awards for cinematography. #Robert Richardson of Hugo won, a detailed Virgo. Of course he won. Congratulations for your #Oscar!"

But while the science was seemingly sound on other categories like Best Actor, Jean Dujardin, a Gemini, fought an uphill astrological battle to snatch the statue away from Clooney, a Taurus. Interesting fact: Adele and Chris Brown both born May 5, won Grammys. George Clooney is born May 6, likely to clean up at #Oscars.

Regardless of what Susan Miller's predictions were based on, her success rates were about as high as anyone else's, including our own. So if you think that a Virgo's detailed nature increases his likelihood of snatching up a cinematography award, or that a moon in Taurus has an inherent victory advantage, follow Miller on Twitter. If Meryl did, she would have had one more celebratory tweet on her feed: Meryl Steep for best actress! Her moon in Taurus (the sign sweeping the #Oscars tonight) meant her time has come, again. Such intelligence!


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