This Van Cliburn Competition Teaser Video Proves: Piano Players Make the Weirdest Faces

The 14th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition kicks off with preliminary rounds in Fort Worth in just two weeks. On Friday, the organization tweeted this teaser video in anticipation of the high-stakes, high-pressure event.

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The video is a collage of what seems to be really old archival footage from Van Cliburns past. While it starts with a shot of pianists' hands caressing the keyboard, it quickly moves into a bizarre montage of The Most Absurd Piano Faces ever. There's wincing, gazing, sweating, weeping and possibly even climaxing. And the eyebrows! So much furrowing and raising.

Have your own Van Cliburn competition ambitions? If you don't feel like spending eight hours a day hunched over 88 keys, maybe you can spend eight minutes a day practicing your PianO Face in the mirror. Remember, practice makes perfect.


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