2011 Edition

Some say the world will end in fire; some say in ice. Some, in fact, say it will end next month. Ancient Mayans and maybe some younger ones too say 2012 is the year we turn out the lights. (A betting man would place his money on 2012. Just look at what it did to John Cusack's career.) Yes, this may be the very last time we put together our special Best of Dallas issue, so as another poet put it, ask not for whom the bell tolls. You have much, much better ways to spend your remaining days in Big D than asking pointless questions about bells. And because we're nice, or at least figure we should pretend to be nice just in case, we combed Dallas to create this guide to all the really cool people and places you should check out before you , um, check out. The end is near? Well, let's get busy with the drinking, eating, shopping and we want to emphasize this more drinking. Lord knows that when the rapture comes, we don't want to face it sober or on an empty stomach. (Don't worry; we'll try not to dent your car if you're called away.) Let our Ultimate Guide to the Last Hurrah be our final testimony to our big Dallas love. Unless, of course, assorted doomsayers and Mayans of indeterminate age were wrong. In that case, just wait for next year's issue, tentatively titled Best of Dallas 2012: Dammit, Are We Still Here?

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With everyone swearing that the end is near, we got busy enjoying the best things life in Dallas has to offer. But you readers didn't go quietly into that good night, either. You flocked to this web site in record numbers to record for future ape-dominated civilizations you own thoughts...



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