Ernie and Jay are very, very generous -- at least, in theory.

KRLD Wants to Give Me $1,000!

Says so in a missive I received in the mail moments ago from 1080 on your AM dial: "Just to confirm ...You're now officially entered to win with NewsRadio 1080 KRLD AM. We're giving away cold hard cash each weekday and you can be our next lucky winner! Simply keep listening for your name."

Apparently, all I have to do is listen to KRLD every single weekday during the 7 a.m., noon and 5 p.m. hours, when, during Traffic and Weather Together on the 8's, they may call my name and give me 10 minutes to dial in to collect my grand -- which, by my bad math, is 18 chances every day until ... well, the letter from Ernie and Jay doesn't say when the contest ends. Brilliant! Especially since I keep forgetting KRLD's on the air when it's not broadcasting Longhorn games. Now, which station wants to up the hypothetical imaginary ante? --Robert Wilonsky


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