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Hey, Bud Light: Conservatives Are Whining About Miller Lite's 'Woke Cult' Now

Looks like Tomi Lahren is on the hunt for her next favorite beer.
Looks like Tomi Lahren is on the hunt for her next favorite beer. Jason Kempin/Getty
Texas conservatives keep on cryin' salty tears into their beers.

First, there was the Bud Light controversy. Lone Star conservatives on social media — including Texas Congressman and star of his own action films Dan Crenshaw — vowed to boycott Bud Light after it partnered with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Sure enough, Bud Light's sales are down, a trend that's carrying over into other Bud-brand bevs.

And now there's Miller Lite.

On Monday, Citizen Free Press posted one of Miller's recent ads with the caption: "Miller Lite has joined the woke cult." The minute-and-a-half spot includes Broad City comedian Ilana Glazer, who informs viewers about women's historic role in brewing beer.

Miller Lite launched the campaign in March for Women's History Month to try to rectify the brand's previous "bikini bimbos holding brews" ad trope. Glazer explains how Miller Lite has since vowed to make up for its sexist past by donating fertilizer to women brewers under a campaign titled "Bad $#!T to Good $#!T."

And wouldn't ya know? It seems that some conservatives would rather cling to corporate sexism.

Right-wing firebrand and Fox News darling Tomi Lahren, who once called Dallas home, retweeted Citizen Free Press's post on Monday.

"No no no no no! Miller Lite is my beer!" she wrote. "Who is running these companies?! Bad bad move."
Speaking of, back in Lahren's Big D days, she used to work for Glenn Beck's The Blaze. Beck-daddy himself also (sort of) weighed in when he retweeted a photo of Glazer and former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

"Miller Lite really chose this person to be the face of their working-class beer brand," conservative columnist Benny Johnson wrote in the Beck-retweeted post. "These ad agencies are suicidal."
Austin-based conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' far-right site Infowars also covered Miller's campaign. Owen Shroyer — who hosts a show on Infowars and who's racked up federal charges in connection with the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot — did a segment on the spot.

The Twitter account @InfoWars_tv tweeted a clip featuring Shroyer on Monday. The host doesn't seem unhinged in the slightest as he discusses the latest brewing controversy.

"'Miller Lite’s Campaign to Eradicate Sexist Beer Advertising Proves Successful,'" Shroyer reads off a page before laughing maniacally for several seconds, referencing the title of a Forbes article from back in March. "Forbes magazine! OK!
"Hey, the good news here is people are going to stop drinking the beer that turns men into feminist slobs," Shroyer continued before joining rank with the likes of white trash-lord Kid Rock by ragging on Bud Light.

Conservative Dallas comedian Tim Young also unleashed a series of tweet-rants aimed at Miller Lite.

"Bud Light tanks their sales by going woke and dumps their marketing executives..." he tweeted Monday. "Miller Lite: Hold my beer."

(Worth noting once more: Miller Lite's Glazer ad came out before the Bud Light-Mulvaney controversy.)
Young then got cartoonishly sexist with the following tweet: "Miller Lite's new spokesperson is an angry women's studies major who complains to her cats about hot women in bikinis, tells everyone her pronouns ... and can't figure out why no one wants to date her."

You know what we can't figure out? Why conservatives, who so bravely denounce liberal "snowflakes" and so-called cancel culture, will miss drinking Miller Lite in the first place. 
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