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In Case You Were Wondering, Tomi Lahren Is Still the Worst

In case you were wondering, Tomi Lahren is still the worst.
In case you were wondering, Tomi Lahren is still the worst. Jason Kempin/Getty

Fox Nation host and right wing puppet Tomi Lahren has made an entire career out of queefing out controversial statements seldom rooted in any logic. The (unfortunately) Dallas local has been an outspoken critic of former NFL player Colin Kaepernick's taking a knee and the Black Lives Matter movement — and unsympathetic to undocumented immigrants caged and separated from their children at the border. She has chosen to die on seemingly every conservative hill (except — gasp! — abortion) since she first made a name for herself as a commentator stating-the-exact-opposite-of-obvious for Blaze Media.

So it should come as no surprise that Lahren is receiving backlash yet again for her obstructed views of reality.

This time, she masked-shame Joe Biden while (bonus!) insulting her own kind. Or so we think. Women hardly want to claim Lahren as one of ours.

On Oct. 5, Lahren retweeted a video Biden shared of himself wearing a mask, urging his followers to do the same. Lahren added the caption: “Might as well carry a purse with that mask, Joe.”
Lahren has said some astoundingly moronic things in the past, but her Biden tweet made headlines because it managed to convey an anti-science, anti-logic and anti-women stance in 10 short words.

If internalized misogyny and a MAGA banner had a baby, and then you dropped that baby on its head — twice — that baby would grow up to be Tomi Lahren. We use the words "grow up" loosely.

We get it. It’s hard to not hate women when the woman you know best is Tomi Lahren. After all, the woman Lahren co-exists with daily and sees looking back in the mirror (assuming she casts a reflection) is Tomi frickin’ Lahren. We’d hate ourselves and all the rest who looked like us, too.

Lahren’s tweet insinuating that Biden is somehow effeminate for promoting mask-wearing came in the same week, no less, that a great portion of the who's-who of her own party tested positive for COVID, even after her president and personal Jesus spent three days in the hospital and one car ride outside of it.

What’s it gonna take for this waste of bleach to stop insinuating COVID safety measures are part of a greater hoax? Who knows, but in all fairness, perhaps someone forgot to explain how masks prevent contagion to Lahren by using smaller words, in a song sung by Elmo.

And White Candace Owens does have a point. Biden could use a purse. He could carry all those sick burns like “clown” he uses as ammo at debates, along with words like “darn” and “heck.”

Like Twitter user Arlen Parsa said, “Might as well carry a scythe with that tweet, Tomi.”
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