Update: Comments Back On!

Update: Comments Back On!

Over the weekend -- and, really, for the past several days -- the admin side of Unfair Park and the other Observer blogs has been acting a bit wonky. Which is to say, one minute it'd work just fine; the next, it became inaccessible. We couldn't post; you couldn't comment. Late last night, our crack staff diagnosed the cause and sent word:

It appears the instability issues we have been seeing over the past few days are stemming from the blog's commenting system. As a measure to help diagnose the root cause and maintain stability for other blog functions, the comment servers have been disabled. As a cause and method of resolution are found, commenting functionality will be restored.

I have no idea how long this'll last, but I will send word as soon as comments are restored. Because me, I like comments. I just hate writing about them. In the meantime, if you're just dying to comment on something, shoot me an e-mail and we can do one or a dozen installments of "From the Unfair Park Mailbag" as needed throughout the day.

Update at 10:04 a.m.: Comments are working again.


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