Last night we weren't about to miss the screening of I Am Chris Farley at the Texas Theatre. Now we have lots of thoughts and feels. Here are a few of them. 

10-ish Things You'll Learn From I Am Chris Farley

  1. It was good, not great. (See 9 through 12.)

  2. Bob Saget and Chris Farley were friends?!? “Yep, they were friends.” Oh okay, I can still not see that now.

  3. Tom Arnold is likable.

  4. Mike Myers never got that naked mole removed.

  5. Adam Sandler is thin again and I think we’re supposed to not like him? At least according that’s what Rose McGowan says?

  6. Jay Mohr got fat and lives in a record booth.

  7. Bob Odenkirk is the best ever.

  8. Fat Guy in a Little Coat is never not funny.

  9. In the Tommy Boy “Do you know where the weight room is?” pool scene, Farley dated the naked lady in real life. High fives and chest bumps.

  10. The movie is a superficial look at Farley’s life and doesn’t really provide any new information, which is a total bummer because obviously there was way more going on than we’ve seen on YouTube. 

  11. The upfront is too long and featured people who Farley knew on his rise to the top. They never made it big and it’s awkward to watch them play to the camera and try to be funny when they’re talking about the death of someone we all seriously loved.

  12. Overall, it’s a narrated Wikipedia entry. So much of Farley’s life and struggle was left undeveloped and you’ll leave feeling like Farley did in the Columbian Decaf Coffee Crystals skit on SNL — angry and more than a little let down. (Link: )

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.