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Even if you’re not really into getting glam, makeup is a fact of life for many women. Having to begrudgingly slap on a coat of mascara and eyeliner before heading off to work isn’t a lot of fun, especially if you’re still using the crappy drugstore products that made you look slightly clown-like in college. Wherever you land on the makeup spectrum — from barely there to a full-on face — primping is more fun if you’ve splurged on the good stuff.

And there are plenty of places in Dallas to spend more money than you could possibly imagine on beauty and skincare products. Outside of the city’s excellent selection of spas, there are plenty of places to indulge in day-to-day beauty. The next time you feel like it’s time to #treatyoself, head out to one of these ten beauty boutiques, and you’ll be feelin’ yourself more than usual.

This up-and-coming national beauty chain just launched their first location in Dallas, and it’s about damn time. BlueMercury has developed a reputation as a one-stop-shop for the best brands in skincare, from La Mer to Tom Ford. BlueMercury is also a great place to pick up Jack Black skincare for the dude in your life, which is made locally in Carrollton. Just try to control yourself when confronted with luxuriously scented shower gels that are upwards of $30, and $100-an-ounce facial serums that promise to make you look like a teenager again.

Neiman Marcus (Downtown)
Even though it’s a national department store, shopping at the flagship Neiman Marcus in Downtown Dallas feels much like a boutique experience. The staff here are so good that they’re almost doting, and have an impressive ability to make you look like a supermodel with makeup that you absolutely cannot afford. If you can’t justify maxing out your credit card on $50 lipsticks and $500 face creams, splurge on something inexpensive and score a ton of free fragrance and skincare samples on your way out to more moderately-priced pastures.

Benefit Cosmetics
A good brow is practically a requirement in today’s beauty world, and most of us just aren’t very talented at waxing our own. The newly-opened Benefit Cosmetics boutique at the Plaza on Preston Center is a pink-drenched home to the brand’s cheekily-named products, along with plenty of spa and brow services. If you’re still not quite sure what contouring is or how to pencil in your brow without looking like a maladjusted Juggalo, let the helpful aestheticians and makeup experts here help you out.

When you just can’t bother to do your own damn makeup, Blushington will. This swankly Highland Park boutique is home to a variety of premium cosmetics brands, and plenty of makeup artists who know exactly how to use them. Bring your bare face to Blushington before your dreaded 10-year high school reunion, and no one will notice how much you’ve aged. The perfectly-blushed apples of your cheeks will be much too distracting.
The Spa At The Crescent
We’ve already acknowledged that The Spa at the Crescent is one of the best places to indulge in a little self-care, but don’t spend all your cash on massages and facials. When you’re checking out, spend a little time perusing the small boutique at the front of the spa, which is home to clinical and cult-favorite skincare brands like Jan Marini. You may not be able to afford gas to get your car home, but your face will look totally fresh.

Margo’s Bath & Body
You’ll have to shop online to check out Margo’s Bath and Body products, but they’re definitely worth a mention. The Dallas-based skincare line of scrubs, “body souffles,” shower gels, and fragrances are richly scented and made with all-natural ingredients. If you can’t afford a professional body scrub at a spa, an at-home session with one of Margo’s salt scrubs will make you feel brand new.

Dear Clark
This Uptown salon’s dedicated customers aren’t just raving about their cuts and dye jobs. Dear Clark founders Holly Dear and Kaycee Clark’s hand-crafted line of “hair salvation” products are locally-sourced, and made with natural Texas ingredients. The shampoo and conditioner have inspired particular devotion, but the minds at Dear Clark aren’t just focused on your hair. Pick up a bottle of the salon’s Revitalizing Body Lotion, made with organic aloe vera and Rose of Jericho, for a uniquely scented way to moisturize your parched skin this summer. Or winter. Or whenever.

Luxury On Lovers
Luxury On Lovers is an excellent spa in its own right, but the miniature beauty boutique in the front lobby is packed with plenty of hidden gems. Lesser-known (and pricey!) skincare brands are typically on offer here, but most of them are worth the extra cash. If you happen on a bottle of “Lisa’s Extreme Body Oil” on the shelves, pick it up and covet it like you’ve never coveted anything before. That stuff is practically magic. 

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