Lim-Eric! is available to buy on Amazon.EXPAND
Lim-Eric! is available to buy on Amazon.
courtesy Eric Nadel

Eric Nadel, Voice of the Texas Rangers, Authors a Book of Limericks

Plenty of people in baseball have written a book. There's Jim Bouton's Ball Four, Josh Lewin's You Never Forget Your First — hell, even actress Alyssa Milano has written a book about baseball.

Eric Nadel, the radio announcer and voice of the Texas Rangers, has written three books, but his fourth is a little different. Lim-Eric! is a book of limericks.

In late April, Nadel began writing and reading limericks on air during each game. He says it was a "desperate attempt" to keep audiences interested in what looked like a rough year for the team early on (the Rangers ended the season with a record of 67-95).

"We invented the eighth-inning limerick of the day after my broadcast partner, Matt Hicks, said, 'They just called him up from Pawtucket,' and I said, 'That sounds like the first line of a limerick,'" Nadel says. "And we both laughed, but eventually wrote a clean limerick around that line, and people seemed to be amused by it."

The limericks continued each game, and by early June, Nadel says he would have more than 100 limericks by the end of the season. He decided to compile them into a book and have an illustrator help him bring the poems to life. Arthur James, a Dallas graphic designer, began illustrating the limericks for Nadel, as Nadel began writing several limericks not about baseball.

"It was immediate magic," Nadel says about working with James.

On the back of the book and inside the cover, several people in baseball give their reviews of the book. Ron Washington, former Rangers manager, writes, "I'm more of a sonnet man myself, but these are very good!!" Or Michael Young, a Rangers Hall of Famer, writes, "As neither a math, English, literature, science or arts aficionado, I have no clear picture how these writing concepts should play out ... but Eric Nadel is the writer, so it is awesome."

The book was finished in mid-November and Wednesday night, Nadel will celebrate the release of the book with a party at The Kessler Theater. Pedigo's Magic Pilsner, Whitney Rose and Joshua Ray Walker will perform.

Tickets start at $20 and you can buy the book here. Part of the proceeds go to the Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation. Doors open at 6 p.m., and the show begins at 7:30 p.m.

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