Give the Box a Bone

For those of you who have recently moved and have an influx of cardboard boxes taking up space around the house, might we suggest sending them over to the Art Institute of Dallas? Instructor Karen Garrett would be most appreciative. Garrett uses cardboard as the medium for sculptures in her latest exhibit, Puppy Love wherein she asks the question 'What if dogs and cats were like people?" By fashioning cardboard into cute little puppies and kittens, the real question may be, "How the &*$% did she do that?" My lack of imagination considers cardboard for sticking under furniture to get rid of the wobblies or making garage sale signs. And when times were tight, a black marker and a boxtop helped me big-time with some non-taxable income on the corner of Peak and the I-30 service road. Garrett stretches the uses of cardboard into philosophical art where, in this case, it is to remind us of the joy of being unconditionally loved by the pets in our lives. Imagine what her yard sale signs must be like. Puppy Love exhibits at the Pegasus Gallery of The Art Institute of Dallas, 8080 Park Lane through November 15. For more information, visit or call 214-682-8080.
Oct. 11-Nov. 15, 2007
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Rich Lopez