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The Best Tweets About the Naked DFW Airport Man

A naked man casually walked past the TGI Friday's in DFW's Terminal C. Oddly enough, it caught the attention of the internet.
Journalist Derek Smith exchanged a few words with the naked guy who strolled through one of the terminals at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport on Wednesday.
Journalist Derek Smith exchanged a few words with the naked guy who strolled through one of the terminals at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport on Wednesday. Screenshot from Facebook
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There's no lead sentence or opening that could do this moment the justice it deserves. So here it goes. A naked guy walked through Dallas Fort Worth International Airport on Monday.

DFW Airport Police arrested an unidentified man Monday evening strolling past the TGI Friday's restaurant in Terminal C without a stitch of clothing on him.

A video recorded by journalist Derek Smith got very close to the nude dude. Waitresses handed the man, who identified himself as "Mohammed," paper menus to cover his ass and his, um, "special purpose," as Navin R. Johnson called it in The Jerk. Mohammed seemed to be giggling and all smiles as the kind wait staff escorted him into a nearby restroom, presumably so police could arrive on the scene.

It's not really known what caused the guy to snap and streak through the airport terminal. Perhaps it's some kind of publicity stunt for a tanning salon. Maybe TGI Friday's hired him as a way to advertise a new line of naked chicken fingers. Maybe he packs light.
Of course, the internet just had to get involved. Pictures and videos of the bare-assed man strolling through the airport have been shared thousands of times on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or what you hip people call X. It's not known what caused the man to go au naturel in the middle of the airport, but airport police said they took the man into custody for a mental evaluation.

@NotJackKemp noted on Twitter that the naked guy's only crime was being naked in a crowded airport. It's actually a nice change of pace from the usual airport incidents of people yelling at flight crews because they feel a ticket entitles them to be total a-holes.

Comedian Kathleen Madigan provided a note of empathy on Twitter to the naked airport guy. That prompted one of her followers to, um, let's say ... raise the stakes.
Paul Allen, aka the Official Dallas Naked Cowboy, had some choice words for the guy encroaching on his territory. Even a naked cowboy's gotta eat.  Elie Mystal, a justice correspondent for The Nation magazine, came up with a brilliant treatment for a Steven Spielberg sequel on Twitter/X. Plus, it's been a while since Tom Hanks has done a nude scene.
Laura Corbeil posted an interesting theory on Facebook about why the guy decided to strip down in the DFW Airport terminal. Have you ever lost something at an airport? You can probably see where this is going. 
Screenshot from Facebook
@BunikePerkins wins the unofficial award for Best Local Callback on Twitter. His callback doesn't include the full video of the "Crazy Plane Lady" aka Tiffany Gomas, so you might want to familiarize yourself with it before you read his post. 
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