High Times: How to Conserve Your Cannabis During the Quarantine

Do you love cannabis products? Don't love them too fast, or you'll be out before the quarantine is over.
Do you love cannabis products? Don't love them too fast, or you'll be out before the quarantine is over. iStock
We know how hard it is to get through this time without the things you deem essential. If you couldn’t make it to your favorite CBD store before they were forced to shut down, you will need to find a way to make what is left in your stash last for a while. Here are some examples and techniques you could try out.

Smoke less

This might seem obvious, but we need to remind you that you should ration your product of choice as if in war time. Seriously, it only takes one or two good puffs in order to feel the effects and benefits of flower. By microdosing cannabis, you might come to realize that you don’t need as much as you thought. Even those who have a high tolerance and smoke 3-gram jumbo blunts could benefit from microdosing. If you're smoking out of a bong or a pipe, pack a “snap” instead of a full bowl. A snap is what happens when someone puts a pinch of green in the bowl that is just the right amount for a single rip. This is another form of microdosing that could show you that you don’t need to smoke the whole bowl to feel good. You could also scoop up a chillum, which is a narrow, pencil-like pipe with a small bowl that's sometimes referred to as a "one-hitter."

Make a gravity bong

Gravity bongs were a part of every real pothead’s life at some point. They get you right, damn near instantly, and you could make one with a few things you have around the house. First, you would need a bucket — preferably a big one — filled to the top with water. Next, grab a 2-liter soda bottle and poke a few holes in the bottom of it. Also, poke a hole in the top of the cap, then shove your bowl piece through it. It needs to remain as airtight as possible. Before you screw the cap back onto the bottle, pack your bowl and push the bottle down into the water until it is full. Then you can screw the top back on. Next, you light the bowl as you pull the bottle out of the water slowly. You will see the bottle start to fill with smoke as you continue to pull the bottle up slowly. When the bottom of the bottle gets close to the waterline, keep it steady. At this point, you are ready for the fun part.

Unscrew the cap of the bottle, and as you start to inhale the smoke, push the bottle back down into the water. The pressure of the water filling the bottle will help push the smoke into your lungs. Sounds like fun, right? If you are looking to conserve your herb, this is probably the best way, or at least my favorite. If it will be your first time smoking out of a gravity bong, try to not stand up too fast after your hit. You could compare it to power-smoking a cannabis-filled cigar in one inhale. It is a lot, even for the most experienced smoker. You only need about 0.1 grams for each gravity hit. That one hit should leave you feeling groovy for at least four hours.

Order online

If you tried the above, stretched your sack and still couldn't make it last, in the worst-case scenario, where you run out of hemp flower, you could do some online shopping and have it ordered to your door. Online CBD shopping is a completely safe and legal process. Most distributors will include a certificate of analysis along with a notice to law enforcement for any nosy people who think its THC-filled cannabis.
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