Ice & Ash

It is impossible to imagine what it would have been like to live in the 19th century, when abstract art began. In that time, few knew what to make of the direction that art was heading, but now many of us who consider ourselves artists or art-lovers find more value in the abstract than we could ever find in anything else. Thursday, Caldwell Arte Exposicion (103 Howell Street) presents Ice and Ash- New Artwork by Oak Cliff native, New York and Dallas-based painter Fred Villanueva. His primarily abstract pieces employ mixed media and illustrate clearly that he is influenced by more than painting, but also printmaking, drawing, sculpture and digital media. Each piece is a deeply emotional exploration of color and perspective. Thursday’s opening is from 7 p.m. to 9:30p.m. with free entry. The exhibit runs through June 14. Visit or call 214-389-5105 for information.
Thu., May 22, 7-9:30 p.m.; Mondays-Saturdays, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Starts: May 22. Continues through June 14, 2014
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Katey Margolis