Kevin Smith Is Coming to Dallas in August

If you're a huge movie fan, you've got at least one filmmaker in mind that you would just love to sit down with just for a few minutes and root around their brain like someone looking for a contact lens in a Hardee's dumpster. Well, the odds are pretty good that's not going to happen. Hollywood was built on a foundation of elitist snobs who wouldn't spit on the common fan if they were on fire and no other source of moisture was readily available.

Think I'm going too far? Just go watch Michael Bay's interpretation of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and get back to me with your response.

Director Kevin Smith, however, constantly talks and interacts with his legions of fans and not just when he's got a movie to promote. He regularly goes on speaking tours and never holds back how he really feels about certain notable names in the business or the people he's worked with from his groundbreaking Clerks to the script he tried to write for the legendary Superman reboot helmed by the world's most insane movie producer.

So get your questions ready because he's coming to Dallas in August. The live show mavens at Parade of Flesh just announced that the writer, director, Smodcaster and Silent Bob portrayer will make a stop at the Texas Theatre Friday, August 28th for a live and certainly candid Q&A. Tickets are currently on sale at Parade of Flesh's website.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.