Laughs x 5

A word of advice: When choosing a comedy club, stay away from places named Laffy's or the Laff-Shack. Yukz, Inc! is a pretty terrible name too (as is The Chuckle Hole, The Komedy Klozet, Funny Ha-Ha and Zingers). And you can pretty much guarantee the lameness of a place called Sir Laffs-A-Lot or Me Play Joke (avoid drinking cola in the latter). Backdoor Comedy may conjure questionable images for those of us with dirty minds, but it's certainly not the worst name for a comedy club. In fact, D Magazine once named it the best in Dallas. So walk away from Giggles, Tickles or Hee-Haw Charlie's, and spend your Cinco de Mayo with a group of Latino comedians at the Backdoor. Jerry Rocha, Tony Ybarra, Anthony Perez, Dustin Ybarra, Nick Guera, Shaun Arrendondo and others offer the Best of Latino Comics showcase at 9 p.m. on Friday at Backdoor Comedy, 2613 Ross Ave. Tickets are $12. Call 214-328-4444.
Fri., May 5, 9 p.m.
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Darci Ratliff