Love, Reign O'er Them

History is full of great rivalries: David vs. Goliath, Patton vs. Rommel, Kanye vs. mankind’s tolerance. But none is more heated than the rivalry between people who ride motorcycles and people who ride scooters. Both are excellent modes of transportation, and yet their fans can’t seem to get along. To hear the opposite side tell it, motorcyclists are meatheads who use ridiculously loud transmissions to compensate for insecurity, while scooter-riders are mochaccino-sipping hipsters who wouldn’t last a day in “The Suck.” (It's possible they're both right.) The annual Rockers vs. Mods brings these two factions together with booze and live music, two things that can unite the most strident of enemies. At 11 a.m. Saturday, scooter riders will meet at Vespa Dallas (4717 Greenville Ave.) and motorcycle riders will meet at RPM Cycles (14000 N. Stemmons Freeway) for the big ride to a secret meeting spot where live performances by the Ape Hangars, Dangits, the Phuss and Rude King Skal will take place. The festivities continue on Sunday with a brunch at BuzzBrews (2801 Commerce St.) and another ride to another party. Entry fees are $35 per rider, but you can spectate for free. More information at
Sat., March 28, 11 a.m., 2015
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Danny Gallagher has been a regular contributor to the Dallas Observer since 2014. He has also written features, essays and stories for MTV, the Chicago Tribune, Maxim, Cracked, Mental_Floss, The Week, CNET and The Onion AV Club.