Peep Show

There's a bit of voyeur in all of us. I'm not referring so much to some pervy desire to watch your neighbors with a telescope but rather a curiosity to see how other people occupy their space. This is particularly true when that space exemplifies over-the-top extravagance or truly fabulous architecture. So satiate your inner voyeur at Thursday's 2005 Around the Table home tour, benefiting the Dallas County Medical Society Alliance Foundation. The four homes are located in swank neighborhoods, and while guests get a peek inside each one, chefs will prepare haute tidbits for lunchtime sampling.

Visit the houses in any order--you can buy tickets at the doors or in advance. David and Kathryn Waldrep's ultra-contemporary home is at 4130 Cochran Chapel Road in Bluffview. Nosh on Peruvian ceviche with red onion salsa and passion fruit syrup while wandering through the 71,000 pounds of steel and 6,000 square feet of glass that make up this Guy Courtney creation.

Just off Strait Lane and a stone's throw from Ross Perot's house is Christy Gaston Bass' rustic South Texas home at 4555 Harry's Lane. Carrabba's Italian Grill Park Cities chef Julio Ramos will prepare shrimp scampi while visitors snoop around the 8,000-square-foot main house and 3,600-square-foot guest residence.

When you're ready to visit the last two houses, park at Lovers Lane United Methodist Church at 9200 Inwood Road, and a shuttle will ferry you to Preston Hollow. Vance and Susan Campbell's 1937 English Tudor, 9333 Meadowbrook Drive, is a gem and was built by the same duo that created Highland Park Village, Fooshee and Cheek.

I've saved the best for last: a behemoth building that is best described as Versailles meets faux château. At 15,000 square feet, Mike and Tiffany Mullen's French Normandy structure is more like a palace than a house. Located at 5445 N. Dentwood Drive, the house has a few unusual touches. Like an armor gallery. And bronze 19th-century French Gothic Revival doors on the master suite. And a massive closet, complete with a bar, a fireplace and a mirror long enough to reflect an entire cadre of shoe salesmen (who have clearly been there, based on her shoe collection). Chef Javier Gutierrez will serve his green tomatilla sauce--good, I'm sure, but no match for a massive shoe collection.

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Leah Shafer

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