Shakin' the Junk

For the easily bored, traditional aerobic exercise is an activity akin to being forced to push giant rocks in Dante's fourth circle of hell. Elliptical machines, spinning classes and running are just too repetitive and tedious. At least a few of the recent fitness crazes have added interesting kicks and stretches, like Tae-Bo and Pilates, but those of us with exercise ADD need more stimulation than that to stay interested. Enter belly dancing, with its hip lifts and drops, shoulder thrusts, snake arms and rib-cage side slides. Throw in the zills and jingly costumes, and it's a full sensory experience even the Ritalin crowd can enjoy. The Bellydance Superstars, a primer for those new to the activity, are currently on tour, shimmying through 45 cities with their Raqs Carnivale show, a highly choreographed blend of tribal, Egyptian and cabaret styles with dramatic costumery and music. If the show inspires interest, they've produced seven instructional DVDs to teach the enthusiastic. It might just be the cure for the treadmill blues. The Bellydance Superstars perform at 8 p.m. Sunday at the Colleyville Center, 5301 Riverwalk Drive in Colleyville. Tickets are $32 in advance, $38 at the door. Call 1-800-594-TIXX or visit
Sun., Feb. 12, 8 p.m.
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Leah Shafer